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February has seen a slew of Soviet reinforcements pour into the struggle in the Eastern Front with releases for the Soviet and Fascist side adding to the carnage.  With this in mind we thought a useful round-up the recent range additions – and offer a few reminders of existing products that will help to bolster your forces in preparation for battle!

Any self-respecting Soviet commander needs to be backed-up by a mass of troops! Earlier this month we released the fantastic plastic Winter Soviet Infantry boxed set, which gives you all of the required components to make 40 soldiers in winter uniforms and cold weather gear!


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 …and for eager followers of Comrade Stalin’s doctrine we’ve bundled together a horde of Winter Soviet Infantry with a pair of Gaz Trucks, to create the Winter Soviet Infantry Company – at a great price! The bundle has proved hugely successful so far – and the trucks will provide your troops with a little protection and mobility.

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The workhorse of the Eastern Front during the early and middle period of the war, the T34/76 is now available to pre-order, for a March release date. Our T-34/76 contains THREE different turret options allowing you to field 1941, 1942 or 1943 variants of this iconic Soviet armoured fighting vehicle. As with all of our tanks, the T-34/76 comes complete with a crew figure and a full colour waterslide decal sheet.


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Back-up your new Winter Soviet Infantry with the battle-hardened Siberian Veterans – this hybrid plastic-and-metal set contains enough components to make 34 infantry – the additional metal components give you access to a Maxim MG, Commissar, and additional weapons and equipment to add flavour and character to the models.


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Of course, no Soviet army is complete without a few armoured monsters lurking… our extensive range of resin Soviet vehicles is constantly expanding, and we have a few particularly beastly additions on their way…


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Back-up your infantry horde even more – send in the next wave with our Soviet Infantry Boxed Set – with 40 plastic miniatures, it’s the ideal starting point for any Commissar-in-the-making – and makes for a formidable addition to any existing army!


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Add even more firepower with the stoic T34/85 – up-gunned and ready for the German foe, our plastic kit offers a valuable ally in the struggle for control of the Eastern Front!


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If you’re just getting started with Bolt Action, you can’t go wrong with our 1,000pt Army Deals – they offer a solid mixture of units, giving a balanced and competitive force!

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Keep watching next week for the follow-up article, showcasing the German forces from the Eastern Front!

Just a quick reminder for all you die-hard Soviet players out there, that our offer for a FREE random miniature from our ‘Ostfront Command’ set ends next week!

Just place an order over £50 ($80) and, for the rest of February, we’ll add one of these cool Soviet figures to the parcel for ABSOLUTELY FREE!


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When we launched our offer for the free mini, we were inundated with requests for the full set to be available to purchase – and of course, we’re happy to oblige…

So for a limited time only, we have the ‘Ostfront Command’ set available to purchase, including the Limited Edition Soviet Officer, Standard Bearer, Sniper, and Radio Operator.
So – remember to get your orders in by the end of the month to ensure that you get your FREE miniature – enlist more reinforcements, grab your copy of the Ostfront Theatre Book, and prepare for action!


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