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Operation Sea Lion: Enemy Agents

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Masquerading as a friendly local you’d never guess these characters are the enemy in disguise…or would you?

Agents mc


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A who’s who guide:

I say old chap, jolly rum show of it disguised nuns with guns! Who’d’ve ever seen the like, What!

Sister Bouché – Cloistered in the local nunnery has made this chap rather cranky! I say… that’s a rather big stick you have!

Sister Monaghan – Having to share the habit with Bouché it’s no wonder he’s got his pistol out!

Tricky Dicky – now here’s a chap the local constabulary knows all about… or do they? Is he on anyone’s side or his own?

Herr Flick – using the powers of disguise taught in depth at Gestapo headquarters, his mission to make contact with the Sisters may not go according to plan…



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401010003 Operation Sea lion

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