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Now Available: Bolt Action Fences and Walls

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Remastered and now ready for re-release the first of our Bolt Action terrain is now available in our web store. Fences and walls are an integral part of any historical miniatures battlefield. Eminently suitable for battles on the shell shocked farmlands of WW2, these excellent scenery pieces are perfect for any 20th century (or modern) tabletop.

Our Bolt Action Wall Sections are available in two varieties, straight sections and corners. You can buy them singly or in a cost-saving pack of six (straight walls only). Remember, your troops can never have enough cover and these walls will give you a fine strongpoint to prepare your forces for the inevitable advance.

Bolt Action Fences are excellent for just about any tabletop. In a pinch they can serve equally well on a blood-soaked 1st Century battlefield or a bocage strewn theatre of war in 20th century Europe. Fences are also available individually or in a convenient and well-priced six-pack.

You can find all of this great scenery waiting for you in the Warlord web store.