Weird and wonderful are the only words you’ll use once you see the new Great Panjandrum in action!


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The Panjandrum was actually developed in 1943 and was intended as a beach invasion device to be used for Allied landings on the European continent. However, it has become associated with the Home Guard through an episode of Dad’s Army (‘Round and Round Went the Great Big Wheel’).

This wonderful piece of British engineering consisted of two wooden wheels of ten feet in diameter with foot-wide steel treads. The wheels were connected by a central hub filled with explosive. Sets of more than 35 cordite rockets attached to each wheel propelled the device up to speeds of – theoretically – 60mph. The variant in Dad’s Army had a high tech, radio-control system so this is offered as an upgrade option.

Stand back and light the fuse!

This set, made in conjunction with our great friends Sarissa Precision, comes with:

  • 1 MDF Panjandrum
  • 1 (mad) Scientist


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Prepare for Operation Sea Lion!

Sea Lion Cover 72dpi

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More British needed!


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