New: Tank Damage Markers and Barbed Wire

Add more drama and realism to your games with these two new releases – Tank Damage markers and Barbed Wire.

_MG_4661The Tank Damage markers provide enough fire or black smoke to make up to six flaming markers – ideal for denoting damaged or brewed up vehicles.
We have made them available after using them in our games while playing using the Tank War supplement as they really add to the atmosphere, they also let you see what damage had been done at a glance!
The Tank Damage Markers pack contains black wool, a red/yellow/orange mixed wool to represent flames and six bases to stick the wool to.

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Our second release allows you to introduce barbed wire to your games! 3 metres of wire is provided in each pack so there’s plenty to create obstacles, denote minefields, etc.

We’ll be bringing you rules for these, plus other battlefield defences in the forthcoming Battleground Europe Theatre Book (more on that in the next few days/weeks).


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