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New: Sarrissa Bridges and Dutch/Belgian buildings

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New bridges & houses to add the Dutch/Belgian feel to your battles of Black Powder Napoleonic’s or Bolt Action arrive this week from Sarissa Precision plus, for everyone who remembers the old Airfix kit, Sarissa have tinkered their lasers to bring us their all new Bailey Bridges:


Choose between the single span with collapsible boats, or the span with pontoons:

Both bridges measure:

  • Full span – L290 x W120 x H35 (not including ramps)
  • sections – L45 x W120 x H35mm

Collapsible boats could also be used in your games of Bolt Action for your Airborne troops to cross the rivers as they strive for a ‘Bridge To Far’

Baily Bridge – Collapsible Boat version


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Baily Bridge – Pontoon version


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Son Bridge – Market Garden

Classical Dutch/Belgium Canal bridges such as these would have been fought across in many wars, in particular the bridge near Son tasked to the 101st Airborne during Operation Market Garden.

This swing bridge not only looks great (and has a 90º rotate action), but creates cool opportunities for your scenario ideas:


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Armies across the centuries would recognise this type of bridge and can provide your battlefields with a classic objective.


Complete with full tilting action!

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Dutch Village House


Adding a farm will certainly provide cover for an ambush or a defensive position and the challenge of house to house combat.


Product Features:

  • W156 x D185 x H150mm approx.
  • Stacking floors
  • Removable roof

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Dutch Farmhouse & Barn


Typical farm type buildings found accross the Netherlands can be great objectives for many periods of warfare from Napoleonics through to WWII

Product Features:

  • W190 x D290 x H120mm approx.
  • Stacking floors
  • Removable roof


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Dutch/Belgium Farm Set

Why not complete a new battlefield with great focal objectives for your battles with this fantastic combined set:

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Keep your eyes peeled for more fantastic offerings from Sarissa soon!