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Updated! New Releases for the Bolt Action Motor Pool!

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Updated 19/06/09: Komrade Aaron Ishmael has expertly converted and painted our Soviet Assault Gun, SU-122M:

We continue to expand World War II Bolt Action Miniatures range with the release of new vehicles for the British, German, and Soviet armies this week!

First off, we’re releasing this splendid new Humber Scout Car with the Lieutenant-Colonel J.O.E. Vandeleur (as portrayed by Michael Caine in A Bridge Too Far) command miniature. Vandeleur went on to become a Brigadier hence the somewhat confusing nomenclature on the images! Of course he could be used as a generic commander if you prefer, but why would you? It wouldn’t take too much imagination to see this commander model sat  in the turret of your Cromwell either…

This model, strikingly painted by Dr Phil Hendry, is perfect for any recce mission!

Next up for the Germans, anyone who grew up making Airfix kits will look back with misty-eyed nostalgia when they see this superb Sdkfz 7 half track model! Not only can you now buy this iconic vehicle that saw great service across all arms of the German armed forces (as well as a right hand drive version produced by the Italians!) but you can also buy it with the excellent Bolt Action 88mm Flak gun.

We’ve taken the opportunity to reduce the 88 from £35 to £25 and you can now buy the Sdkfz 7 and an 88 for the bargain price of just £40 – saving you another £5!

Sdkfz-7 1

Sdkfz-7 2

Sdkfz-7 3

Sdkfz-7 4

Finally, for those looking for something a little different for their Soviet armies we bring you the SU-122M. This is no less than an SU-85 hull packing a whopping 122mm howitzer! In May 1943, the new BP-460A HEAT round was accepted for use in the Russian army. The SU-122 was able to deal with heavy German tanks (even Tigers) without the use of hollow charge ammunition!

All of these excellent new models are now available in the Warlord webstore. We still have many more new releases for Bolt Action up our sleeves and you’ll see more of them next week so make sure you’re signed up to the weekly Warlord Games newsletter on our homepage.