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New Release: Willys Jeeps

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One of the biggest gaps in the Bolt Action range has now been plugged – we have two versions of the famous Willys Jeep available now! We are offering this essential vehicle in two versions – one with canopy up and one with it down and packing a .30 cal MG.

Used by British, US, Canadian and Soviet forces this kit is essential for any allied army. Willys Jeeps were incredibly prolific in every theatre and will be at home on any tabletop. Characterful crew models for the Soviets, US Army and British are being sculpted at the moment and as you can see, this is one of the most detailed resin kits we’ve seen in this scale.

You get superb detail – accurate dashboard, pedals and stick layouts. Also, our innovative front wheel locator means you don’t have to attach the wheel as if driving straight forward.

As if that weren’t enough, Airborne versions are on the way and we have even more variants in the pipeline. Both of these spectacular resin kits are now available in the webstore. More Bolt Action vehicles due for release next week – sign up to our newsletter to see them first!