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New Release: Bolt Action Schwimmwagen

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Following on from our release of the Kubelwagen last week we have another German light vehicle – the Schwimmwagen!

The Schwimmwagen four-wheel drive amphibious vehicle was used primarily by Wehrmacht and Waffen-SS units as a replacement for the motorcycle and sidecar combination in recce units. The most mass-produced amphibious vehicle in history, the Schwimmwagen offered great flexibility to units and we’re very happy to add this lovely little model to our Bolt Action WWII range:

As you can see, we pulled out the stoppers with the sculpting on this model. The smooth lines of the Schwimmwagen’s hull are easily at home on land or in an aquatic setting.

The Schwimmwagen comes with a driver suitably attired in camo smock and is ideal for use as Waffen-SS or Wehrmacht. The driver comes with two head options – field cap and covered helmet.

This fine piece of German engineering is now available to be added to your forces in the Warlord webstore!