Anglo-Zulu War 1879, Black Powder, Zulu wars

Re-boxed Natal Native Contingent Regiment

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302014602 AZW NNC Regiment

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Largely being used as support for the Main British forces in South Africa they became the main defense force against the Zulu forces. Recruited from the local populace, mainly from the Basuto and Mponso tribes, this force excelled in dealing with Zulu due to an extensive history of fighting them.


Given mainly menial labouring jobs they eventually saw action on the front with varying results, some fighting hard and to the last man alongside their British comrades, whilst others they broke alongside the NCO’s. In either case, even if they fight today or tomorrow, they will certainly fight to the last.


Providing support for the British army these loyal chaps are just the job whether you’re looking to refight Isandlwana, Ulundi, or the other battles during 1879.

  • Enough plastic components to make 32 Natal Native Contingent.
  • A detailed Booklet containing the history and Black Powder profile of the Natal Native Contingent.


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Bundled Goodness!

The British force has taken many casualties, they have to reinforce and Britain can’t send more troops in time! Use the locals, they will fight to the death to defend their lines and finally stop the Zulu from pillaging their lands! This bundle is here to represent the mass armament and movement by the locals against the marauding Zulu’s.
This bundle contains 2 Natal Native Contingent Regiments, standing by to fight.
309914602 Natal Native Defence Force

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The David Rattray Memorial Trust

Warlord Games have taken the opportunity, with the release of our Anglo-Zulu War range, to give something back to the people of KwaZulu Natal in South Africa. We are very proud to support the David Rattray Memorial Trust, and organisation that does outstanding educational and development work in KwaZulu Natal.

Anybody who takes a trip to see Rorke’s Drift or Isandlwana battle sites today will see the impact that this charity has on the local population.

For more information or to make a donation to the David Rattray Memorial Trust please visit the charity’s web site at

The David Rattray Memorial Trust is a UK registered charity: UK Charity No. 1119353

26 Gosfield Street

Getting Started?

The British need more help against the impending Zulu horde, they are a true threat to stability in Africa and Britain must keep her lands and allies safe!
This bundle contains:

  • A Zulu! Black Powder Supplement which also comes with Prince Louis Napoleon FREE
  • 2x British Line Infantry Regiments
  • Anglo-Zulu War British Infantry sprue, able to make 5 men!
  • Anglo-Zulu War wagon barricade

RorkesDrift Defenders set

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