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New Pictures: Farmhouse Assault – La Haye Sainte collector’s edition

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Like our previous battle-sets (Rorke’s Drift! and Pegasus Bridge) La Haye Sainte comes in two forms – a glorious boxed set full of Napoleonic loveliness, and a collector’s edition containing stacks more goodies that expands on the contents of the main box.

In fact there’s so much stuff in the Farmhouse Assault Collector’s Edition that Studio painter Andres is still trying to get it all painted! Here are the latest models that he’s completed, starting with Marshall Ney, the heroic French officer who led the attack on the farmhouse of La Haye Sainte and, in doing so, very nearly won the Battle of Waterloo for Napoleon’s French…


Next we have a British Mounted Rocket Trooper, preparing to fire his salvo from a low trough, with his horse tethered nearby.


And lastly (for today), four courageous French infantrymen give their lives for their Emperor…

Next week we’ll be showing off the rest of the contents – the Nassau light infantry, Nassau officer, KGL Luneberg light battalion infantry, French voltigeurs, mounted French officer and the British 95th Rifles!


In addition to everything in the La Haye Sainte battle-set, the Collector’s Edition also includes the following:

    • 1 resin sandpit (where the 95th Rifles were deployed)
    • Resin pile of dead Frenchmen (used by the King’s German Legion to block the gateway after they burnt the gates for warmth the night before!)
    • 6 French Voltigeurs skirmishing
    • Marshall Ney (Bravest of the Brave)
    • 4 French casualties
    • Mounted French Officer
    • 36 plastic French Line Infantry (6 metal command and 30 plastic infantry)
    • 6 Luneberg Light Infantry
    • 6 British 95th Rifles
    • 1 British Rocketeer and a horse.
    • 1 Nassau officer using cooking pot to extinguish the barn fire
    • 6  Nassau infantry
    • 36 plastic Hanoverian Infantry (6 metal command, 30 plastic infantry)
    • Farmer’s wife tending young calf ( she refused to leave the poor newborn and stayed with it during the battle…)
    • Abatis branches

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These amazing sets are available in our webstore, or you can take advantage of our new Pay by Installment offer.

Meanwhile, you can read the full story of the Battle of Waterloo in our 5-part article, starting here.