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New! Partisans with LMGs

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You can now add  some much-needed firepower to your Partisan bands with these light machine gun-armed freedom fighters. Our Partisans with Light Machine Guns are now available in the Warlord webstore!

Partisan LMGs

The light machine gun was an essential weapon during World War 2 for suppressing enemy infantry and taking out light vehicles. Our Partisans are armed with a variety of LMG (although the MG42 is really a heavy machine gun) for use in your armies.

Partisan with DP28 LMG

Partisan with MG42 LMG

Partisan with Sten and Ammo Belt

Partisan with Bren Gun

Although you’ve seen the rest of our Partisan Band before, we now have them painted by the talented brush of Stephan Huber. You can give them all a look here:

Firing Partisan

Veteran Partisan with PPSh

Running Partisan

Partisan with PPSh

Partisan with Stick Grenade

Partisan with Sten Gun

Female Partisan

As you can see, these freedom fighters who resisted the Axis occupation of their home countries used whatever equipment and weapons came to hand either from theft or the decimation of unsuspecting German troops who left the security of their regiments. We can only surmise they were lost while mingling too closely with the local populace.

Partisan with Molotov Cocktail

Eastern Partisan

Partisan with MP40

Longcoated German Partisan

Helmeted German Partisan

German Partisan with Beret

Eastern Partisan Firing

Partisan with Thompson

German Partisan Advancing

As you can see from the miniatures above, these Partisan models simply exude variety and character for your Bolt Action Miniatures collection.  All of these excellent Partisans are now available in the Warlord webstore!