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New: Osprey Publishing German Pionier 1939-45

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The go to book on the German Pioniers is here from Osprey Publishing, featuring photographs, detailed history and kit with full colour artwork.

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  • Number of Pages: 64
  • Author: Gordon L. Rottman
  • Illustrator: Carlos Chagas

The German Army of World War II collectively referred to its various engineer units as Pioniere (Pioneers). This organization included Pioniertruppen (Pioneer Troops), Bautruppen (Construction Troops), Eisenbahntruppen (Railway Troops), and Technische Truppen (Technical Troops). They were first and foremost assault troops, and construction workers second. They were tasked with overcoming manmade and natural obstacles, and in the attack they supported the infantry as specialist assault troops, attacking fortified positions with demolitions and flamethrowers. In the defence they constructed fortifications and shelters, erected obstacles, laid minefields, planted booby traps, cleared fields of fire, erected camouflage, and maintained supply routes. This book examines the recruitment and special training of a German Pionier. It also covers life in the field while on campaign, their role in supporting infantry assaults.

German Pionier in Bolt Action

Now you have your guide to the German Pioniers, why not start your own demolishing engineer army in Bolt Action?

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