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New: Normandy Bocage Set 3

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Alan Mander of Mandertory Miniatures recently dropped by Warlord HQ laden with goodies – including his latest offering, the third variety of his gorgeous Bocage sets – ideal for Bolt Action gamers looking to recreate the iconic battlefields of Normandy, perhaps the lovely British countryside, or elsewhere!


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Bocage is a high bank of earth and stones with hedges and trees growing up through them. Over time the stones are entangled in foliage making them a very difficult to penetrate obstacle and the perfect environment for the forces of the Third Reich to punish the incoming Allies! So much so that an American engineer developed a hedgerow cutter that would bear his name. The Cullin Prong was fitted to the front of tanks, so they could take on the enemy lurking in cover behind these all but impenetrable natural obstacles by bursting through and allowing the accompanying infantry to engage.


As you’ll no doubt agree, these beautiful bocage sets add a whole new dimension to your battlefield and being ready painted you can spend more time painting miniatures and playing games!



Bocage Set 3

Alan’s latest set of bocage is designed to compliment our existing sets, allowing you to create more irregularly shaped fields – and includes nine feet of bocage, which breaks-down into the following;


– 1 x 13 inch gap section
– 1 x 12 inch gap section
– 1 x 12 inch embankment section
– 1 x 12 inch bend
– 1 x 12 inch corner
– 2 x 8 inch bend
– 1 x 6 inch sharp corner
– 1 x 6 inch breach with emplacement (big enough for a 60mm round base)
– 1 x 6 inch cross section
– 2 x 3 inch straights.

Painted, foliaged and including 5 trees, this set is designed to be ready for action straight from the box.

Bocage set 3 in store now


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