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New: New Bolt Action platoon deals! 

We’ve been releasing new resin vehicles at a startling rate of knots. To help you add them to your army we’ve put together a fresh batch of Platoon Deals – see them here.

3x Panzer II for £48, saving £6

3x Char D1 for £48, saving £6

3x M36 Jackson for £60, saving £6

3x LVT-4 Buffalo for £68, saving £7

3x Sd.Kfz 231 6-rad for £48, saving £6

3x Morris CS9 armoured car for £42, saving £6

3x Achilles 17pdr SPG for £60, saving £6

3x Carden Loyd (choose between all three variants) for £32, saving £4


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