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New: German Heer Forward Observer team (Winter)

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Plus a new German Heer Artillery Expansion set (Winter)

“All batteries coordinate 03.02.2017 fire for effect!” – Your forward observers head out to their posts…


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Artillery officers were often attached as liaison at company level to coordinate the fire of artillery batteries behind the front line. This was done in various ways, ranging from the use of radio or field telephones to runners.

In Bolt Action
An artillery observer unit consists of an artillery officer and up to 2 other men.

Don’t forget that once per game, when the forward artillery, observer unit receives a fire order (not from Ambush), the observer can contact his forward battery, calling in either an artillery or smoke barrage to often devastating effect!


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German Heer artillery expansion set (Winter)

Artillery is often the key to a battle, and nothing can hit harder. Watch as your opponents main force spreads out, and offer easy pickings for the rest of your army, as they frantically re-position into cover, from which they won’t be safe either!

Within the Armies of Germany supplement a regular 10.5cm leFH 18 medium howitzer is only 75 points. To move this piece around to a better position you will need some transport, a regular Maultier Half-track is only 44 points. To provide the ideal accuracy, a spotter is highly recommended,  especially for only 10 points.

All together you have created a mobile force, able to accurately pin point high priority targets and destroy your foe for only 129 points!


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The Winter Range

Packed with character the Winter Range is a great way to theme your battlefields:


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Starter 1000pt Army


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