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New: Female Concord NuHu Mandarin

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NuHu elites are often placed in charge of missions of exploration or retrieval – especially where new or alien technologies are involved. A typical force would include only a handful of NuHu amongst many troopers, sometimes even just one, but their role is a vital one and their powers considerable.


Although physically weak, their ability to manipulate nanite fields endows NuHu with powers that are both tangible and formidable. For this reason they are usually accompanied by floating nanite drones, which exude a cloud of nanites and which enable the NuHu to draw and project energy to form protective fields, powerful kinetic bolts, or manipulative forces capable of grasping, carrying or hurling great weights. Their ability to penetrate the nanite-based communications systems of their opponents is also a considerable asset. When opposing NuHu compete for control of a local shard it is a battle of minds that in most cases only one will survive – for isolation from the shard is practically a death sentence to a NuHu. This alone makes such missions deeply dangerous.

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The NuHu – assumed to be a contraction of New Human – are physically unusual morphs, extremely tall, long-limbed, with bodies that are slight or even frail. However, it is their considerable mental abilities that make them distinct from other humans. NuHu are extremely intelligent, rapid thinkers who possess powers of recall that are practically infallible. This alone makes them formidable individuals, but what really sets them apart is their capacity to interact with nano-based technology. Whilst other humans must rely upon interfaces or implanted devices to interact with the many machine intelligences of advanced societies, the NuHu can do so with their minds alone. This power is seated deep within a part of the brain that is sensitive to electro-magnetic radiation and which forms a bond with the tiny nanites that saturate the worlds of human space. In this way NuHu are born and grow up immersed in an environment that is part of the nanosphere. To them it is entirely normal to live co joined lives with the IMTel (Integrated Machine Intelligence) that controls all aspects of advanced human societies. They are at the same time the masters of this technology and expressions of it, living creatures that are also part of a greater machine mind. Scarce wonder that to many ordinary humans they often appear to be living machines, cold and inhuman.


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Concord Strike Force Starter Army

If the Concord are for you then you can get your hands on a starter army right now.


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The ‘Concord Strike Force Starter Army Deal’ contains everything you need to get started with your collection:

  • 1 x Command Squad: Strike Commander, 2 Strike Troopers, Spotter
  • 1 x C3 Strike Squad firing: Strike Leader, 4 Strike Troopers, Spotter
  • 1 x C3 Strike Squad advancing: Strike Leader, 4 Strike Troopers, Spotter
  • 1 x C3 Support Team with X-Launcher: 2 Strike Trooper crew, Spotter
  • 1 x C3 Support Drone with Plasma Light Support: Weapon Drone, Spotter
  • 1 x C3 Targetter Probes
  • 6 x Olive Green order dice

This provides you with a strong, balanced force to start exploring the Beyond the Gates of Antares Beta rules set. Of course, there will be more to come for the Concord in the future like the Drop Troop and the NUHU so you’ll find plenty more variety to add to this core force.