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Powering in from above ahead of the launch of the Beyond the Gates of Antares boxed game (yes, there is a rumour that there may be a special launch edition…) are the fearsome and well armed Concord C3 Drop Squad the elite units of the Concord Combined Command!


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Drop troops are the most heavily armoured and armed of the Concord Combined Command’s Strike forces. Their role is to spearhead assaults onto enemy held planets, and capture and hold objectives without the support of conventional heavy equipment.

For this reason Drop Squads are heavily armed with powerful plasma weaponry including the ferocious plasma lance, capable of destroying even heavily armoured targets.


Comparing the Drop Trooper to the standard strike armour you can see how the heavier plates make the Drop Squad stand out as your elite on the battlefield.


The fantastic armour detail and the intricacy of their jet packs really makes these troopers a must for any Concord commander.


Add the new Drop Squad to your Concord Strike Force Starter Army and prepare for combat!


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The ‘Concord Strike Force Starter Army Deal’ contains everything you need to get started with the core of your collection:

  • 1 x Command Squad: Strike Commander, 2 Strike Troopers, Spotter
  • 1 x C3 Strike Squad firing: Strike Leader, 4 Strike Troopers, Spotter
  • 1 x C3 Strike Squad advancing: Strike Leader, 4 Strike Troopers, Spotter
  • 1 x C3 Support Team with X-Launcher: 2 Strike Trooper crew, Spotter
  • 1 x C3 Support Drone with Plasma Light Support: Weapon Drone, Spotter
  • 1 x C3 Targetter Probes
  • 6 x Olive Green order dice

This provides you with a strong, balanced force to start exploring the Gates of Antares. Of course, there will be more to come for the Concord in the future like the C3 Interceptor, so you’ll find plenty more variety to add to this core force.