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No Engine – No Problem – just dig a pit, tow one out of commission panther into pit, and voila! Big gun – Hard target!


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By the later stages of the war the lack of any production or repair facilities let alone any raw materials, meant a huge loss of equipment and little in the way of offensive capability to what remained of the German forces. However ingenuity was still abundant and when one of your best tanks becomes mechanically inoperable it can still be a formidable, ready made, defensive position:

In Bolt Action

Our new dug in panther perfectly represents the last desperate efforts to keep machines in the fight!

Cost: 250pts (inexperienced)
Weapons: 1 turret-mounted super-heavy anti tank gun with co-axial MMG
Damage value: 9+ (medium tank)
Special Rules: Improved frontal armour – the Panthers’s heavy frontal armour was comparable to that of some much heavier tanks, so against all shots hitting the front of the vehicle it counts its damage value as 10+.
Dug in – the vehicle counts as being in Hard Cover to attackers and counts immobilised damage results as crew stunned instead. The vehicle cannot move for the entire game and is therefore always set-up onto the table (up to 12” from the player’s table edge) even in scenarios that do not allow initial set-up of units. Check out page 103 of Ostfront – Barbarossa to Berlin for more special scenario dug in rules.


The Dug-in Panther is a Tank for the purposes of the generic Reinforced Platoon selector from the Bolt Action rulebook. It is also a Tank for the Defence of the West Wall and the Last Levy selectors of the Armies of Germany book.


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Battle your way to Berlin with Ostfront – Barbarossa to Berlin:


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