New: Duel In the Sun Desert Platoon offers

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With our focus drifting across the sands to the blistering heat of the desert we thought it timely to give you the opportunity to grab your desert forces and prepare for war!

When you select this deal you’ll get a complete set of figures to make a legal reinforced platoon including a choice of 1 Armoured Car and 1 Tank from a selection chosen specifically for desert warfare!

Whichever deals you decide on you’ll receive an unbeatable 20% off!

British 8th Army Platoon

Your first stop for the British in the desert is the highly detailed plastic set from Perry Miniatures:


Your choices include:



View 8th Army Deal


German Afrikakorps Platoon

If it’s Rommels famous DAK you favour then here’s your starting point. Again a set from Perry Miniatures with 38 detailed plastics:


Your choices include:




View AfrikaKorps Deal

Be sure to watch this space and remember the if you pre-order ‘Duel in the Sun’ before the 25th of January you’ll be able to get your hands on it before everyone else as it’ll be sent out before its release in February!

Duel in the Sun cover osprey


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