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New: Deutsches Afrika Korps & British 8th Army paint sets

We have two new Bolt Action paint sets to make getting your armies into action as easy as possible! These cover two forces fighting in the Western Desert – Rommel’s Afrika Korps and the famous Desert Rats! These will save you the time trying to figure out which piece of kit should be what colour.   Gemerous chaps that we are we’ve also knocked a little bit off the total price.

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Afrika Korps paint set

Uniforms and Feild Caps: Vallejo 881 – Yellow Green
Helmets and Gasmask Container: Vallejo 914 – Green Ochre
Boots: Vallejo 826 – German Camo Medium Brown
Gaiters: Vallejo Panzer Aces 314 – Canvas
Water Bottle: Vallejo 984 – Flat Brown
Webbing, Bread Bag and Shirt, : Vallejo 884 – Stone Grey

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British 8th Army paint set

Uniforms: Vallejo 819 – Iraqui Sand
Webbing and backpack: Vallejo 884 – Stone Grey
Uncovered Helmets: Vallejo 847 – Dark Sand
Socks and Covered Helmets: Vallejo 988 Khaki
Water Bottle: Vallejo 921 – English Uniform Brown
Entrenching Tool Handle: Vallejo 826 – German Camo Medium Brown

We’ll have paint sets for our Italians very soon…


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