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Out today is the British Tank Troop boxed set – a platoon of three Cromwell Cruiser Tanks. It’s just the thing to kick-start a British Tank War force!


A mix of reliability, a good top speed, a dual-purpose gun, and reasonable armour meant that the Cromwell was used as an alternate recce vehicle to accompany British armoured forces to battle and engage the enemy before they had chance to prepare.

Originally armed with a 6pdr, it was soon up-gunned with a 75mm gun which allowed it the choice of firing either high explosive or armour piercing rounds, meaning that it could tackle either armoured targets or axis ground troops. With a complimentary pair of 7.62mm Machine Guns, it was a formidable foe – faster, and with thicker armour than the Sherman, the Cromwell was the tank of choice for many British leaders.


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