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New: British Army 17 pdr anti-tank gun!

Having trouble with those German big cats? Fear not – your upper lip can remain stiff as we bring you the deadly 17 pdr anti-tank gun! Replete with British Army crew this will put more than a dent in Herr Hitler’s Panzers…

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Officially titled the Ordnance Quick-firing 17 pounder, this excellent anti-tank gun was more commonly known as the 17 pdr. A 3″ (7.62mm) gun developed by the British it was arguably the best Allied anti-tank gun of the war, going to to be mounted in Sherman Fireflies, Achilles tank destroyers amongst others as the British tried to deal with the heavily armoured German tanks such as the Tiger, King Tiger, etc.

This great new model comes with five crew – each with separate Figure Head, allowing you to pose them as you desire or to replace them with the likes of Scottish heads in Tam o’Shanters for Highland forces.

Don’t forget we have our Bolt Action Late War British Paint set which will be ideal for getting this beast onto the tabletop and knocked your opponents panzers out in double-quick time!

For this of a British Airborne persuasion, fear not – we have Red Devils crew being sculpted at the moment…

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