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New: Bolt Action US Army 30 Cal LMG teams!

With our forthcoming plastic Bolt Action US Infantry almost here we thought it a good idea to start giving them all the support they’ll need to fight the Axis forces. This week sees us bring you three new support teams with this one being the .30 Cal light machine gun (the others being the .50 cal machine gun and the 81mm M1 mortar). There are two different two-man teams- one redeploying and the other laying down a withering hail of fire upon their foe.

A pre-war replacement for the widely used water-cooled M1917 machine gun the ‘Light 30 Cal’, as it would be known by the troops manning it, was air-cooled and would go on to be used as an infantry support weapon, in tanks/armoured cars and also in aircraft.

Several companies built this widely used machine gun, with 390,000 produced during WWII as well as seeing action in the Korean and Viet-Namese wars and modified versions being used in other countries right up to the 1990s.

The new models are, as you’re come to expect from the Bolt Action range, supplied with separate heads as part pof our Figure Head System. So you can chop and change them for extra variety or to suit the theatre or unit you are representing.

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