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Bolt Action twin-turreted Polish 7TP tank!

Last week we brought the brave Polish army much-needed support in the form of the wz.26 ‘Ursus’ heavy armoured car. Seeing as they are fighting on two fronts against Soviet and German invaders we thought it would be only fair to give them more to aid the defence of their homeland. Enter the 7TP.dw – a twin-turreted version of their main battle tank.

Twin-turreted Polish 7TP tank

Photograph of twin-turreted Polish 7TP tank

The 7TP – 7 ton Polish – tank (an odd choice for name seeing as the weight increased to 9 tons after the prototype stage!) was the mainstay of the Polish armoured formations. This variant of the 7TP has two turrets, each mounting a wz.30 heavy machine gun. Just the job for mowing down Soviet or German invaders!

Twin-turreted Polish 7TP tank

Imagine the mess a combined force of these and the standard 47mm version of the 7TP would make of the forces of messrs Stalin and Hitler – 47mm anti-tank rounds to take out armour and twin-MGs to mow down the supporting infantry…

Polish 7TP

Above is our model of the 47mm version of the 7TP – you’ve got to love a tank with that many rivets!

Twin-turreted Polish 7TP tank

They may look like toy tanks to us today but at the time many nations were making use of tankettes. The Poles were no different and fielded plenty of these diminutive vehicles. ur model comes with a choice of machine gun or 20mm cannon armament.

Ursus A Armoured Car

We’ll end this page as we started it – with the Ursus heavy armoured car. By now you’ll have seen enough to start your own Polish army and make the invaders pay for every inch of Polish soil with blood…

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