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New: Bolt Action Sarissa Terrain Bundles

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Following the resounding response to the ‘Radar Assault’ bundle pack that we put together with our friends at Sarissa Precision recently, we’ve persuaded them to work with us on a few more bundles!

These packs are the ideal single-click purchase to provide you with a themed battlefield’s-worth of terrain in one easy package!


European Town Bundle #1


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This pack contains;

  • 1 x Corner Terrace House (Destroyed)
  • 3 x Bombed Out Terrace House
  • 1 x Small Shop (Destroyed)


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**note that the Destroyed European buildings are not yet available for sale individually through the Warlord webstore – they’ll be made available over the coming weeks – so this is your chance to be among the very first customers to get your hands on them!**

Industrial Factory Bundle #1



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This pack contains;

Factory units are buildable with interchangeable walls and can be made into 3 separate units


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Further Purchases

Once you’ve chosen which pack to purchase, and what theme to give your tabletop battlefield, head on over to the Warlord webstore and take a look at just some of the other Sarissa Precision products to add….

  • Why not add more industrial terrain to the Industrial pack above, and create a dense board representing a Soviet city on the Eastern Front – with German and Soviet forces fighting from building to building?
  • How about adding an Armoured Train into the mix – you can either use these simply as terrain pieces, or perhaps use the optional rules outlined in the Ostfront Theatre Book?
  • You could pick-up a small piece to use as a themed Objective over which to fight – perhaps a bridge, searchlight, machine gun bunker, watch tower, or radar station?
  • Why not use Sarissa products to theme your army – perhaps buying a few Landing Craft to create an amphibious assault force for a special Beach Assault game, using our optional Amphibious Assault rules?
  • Or simply hunt through their vast range of options for inspiration for your next terrain board – with a stunning centrepiece such as a Church, Factory Building, European Chateau, or Train Station

Change-up your scenery collection regularly to keep your games fresh – add new challenges, objectives, and obstacles!