New! Bolt Action Fallschirmjager

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Dropping from the skies are our Bolt Action Fallschirmjager! These German airborne troops are true elites – respected and feared by all who faced them. As with our other Bolt Action boxed sets this one offers great value for money.

Fallschirmjager Boxed Set Cover

The world’s first paratroopers to be used in large numbers, the German Fallschirmjager were at the tip of the spear when war broke out in 1939. They led daring assaults on strategic targets, such as the fortress at Eben Emael, enabling the following Panzers to overrun Europe.

This boxed set contains:

* Command: 1 Officer with MP40 SMG, 1 NCO with MP40 SMG, 1 Medic, 1 Radio Operator and 2 Jagers with Kar98k rifles

* 11- man squad: 2 NCOs with MP40 SMG or Kar 98K rifle, 5 Jagers with Kar 98K rifles, 2 MG42 LMG 2- man teams

* 81mm Mortar and 3 crew

* 2 Jagers with FG42 assault rifles

As if that wasn’t enough, we’ve also got a selection of upcoming miniatures which will be added to the Fallschirmjager range. Give these hard boys a look!

Whether you’re a green recruit to the German army or an old veteran of the Iron Cross, these models are perfect for adding to any army of the Third Reich. As we’ve mentioned, the boxed set of these excellent miniatures is available right now and the support packs and extra models will be on sale soon in the Warlord webstore.

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