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New: Bolt Action Command P107 Unic!

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The unique (no pun intended) vehicles of 21st Panzer Division, courtesy of Baustab Becker, are now bolstered by the addition of a Unic command vehicle. Cast your field glasses in this general direction…


During World War II the Germans found their own half tracks in short supply. Enter Major Alfred Becker of the 21. Panzerdivision who suggested converting captured French vehicles and so ordered the conversion of several hundred Unic half-tracked tractors.


In this case, the command vehicle has an enclosed armoured top with viewing slots and hatch. The hatches can be opened to take a command figure and there’s also an antennae locator should you wish to model such things on!


You can purchase a Unic P107 Command vehicle here in the webstore.

Unic P107

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