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New: Bolt Action British Infantry!

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Our latest plastic boxed set are our marvellous WWII Bolt Action British Infantry. These have received many plaudits based on the 3-ups and painted examples. Now you can get your hands on your own plastic Tommies! These superbly sculpted models have a veritable plethora of options allowing you almost total freedom in how you build your force of British, Australian, Canadian, or other forces of the Commonwealth.  As it’s nearly Christmas we have some great offers as well as two new metal support packs to add to your delight…

Bolt Action British Infantry Plastic Boxed Set

British Box Art

Warlord’s British infantry are tooled up for the job in hand. They are multi-part and can be assembled in a wide variety of ways, with a huge array of exotic looking weaponry. Fix bayonets!

Painted Tommies

Order yours today! Inside every box you’ll find:

Enough plastic components to make 25 British infantry miniatures. Includes a host of options to allow for different weapon configurations plus command models.

Weapons included: Lee Enfield rifle No. 4 (plus scoped and bayoneted versions), Bren light machine gun, Thompson sub-machine gun, 2″ mortar, Sten gun sub-machine guns,
Webley revolver, Mills bomb grenades, bandoliers and the Tommies’ trusty shovel!

Round plastic bases  (25mm diameter) construction leaflet included.

Waterslide decals for shoulder flashes, NCO stripes, and armbands for Medics and MPs.

SPECIAL OFFER: The British Empire Strikes BackPainted Plastic British Infantry

We are expecting to have these in stock for the Wednesday 15th December. We will ship items for international orders first and then for the UK. We will do our best to get these to you as quickly as possible but regrettably cannot guarantee delivery in time for Christmas (unless you fancy taking a courier service – drop us a line at  for rates).

This set provides you with a great start to collecting a British Army or a big boost to an existing one. It contains:

3 Plastic British Infantry Boxed Sets
1 metal British Infantry Command pack
1 metal British Vickers HMG Team

All for a bargain £66, saving you £6 on buying them individually!

Don’t snooze, save some cash with this special offer today!

British Infantry Command Pack

British Command

This command pack will be just the thing to help your plastic Tommies tackle the fascist threat. There’s a concerned officer pointing at a map with his trusty pipe, a radio operator relaying vital enemy positions, a young subaltern directing his troops, and a somber medic ready to patch up your boys and get them home to dear old Blighty in one piece. Grab a pack here!

Vickers HMG Team


Another metal support pack, as promised, is this freshly sculpted British Vickers HMG team! Get yours here!