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New: Bolt Action Borgward Wanze!

Sorely needed for the defence of Berlin from the Red Army, this new vehicle will be the scourge of Russian armour. The Panzerjager Borgward ‘Wanze’ mounts six rocket launchers  (yes, six!). Add these to your German army and hunt T34 and Josef Stalin II tanks through the rubble of Berlin…

As the sun set on Hitler’s Third Reich, the desperate German defenders converted Borgward IV demolitions vehicles into makeshift tank hunters. These small, tracked vehicles could pass where anti-tank guns and larger vehicles struggled to get through the rubble and battlefield debris in urban battles.

This small two-man vehicle was armed with 8.8cm Raketenpanzerbüchse 54/1 recoilless rocket launchers! Although having a relatively short 200 metres range, the Wanze was capable of penetrating 220mm of armour they were a deadly foe, if something of a ‘glass cannon’.

Armed also with smoke launchers on the front of the vehicle, the Wanze was able to fire it’s deadly payload before retiring under the cover of smoke.  More than 50 of these tank destroyers were deployed in the battle for Berlin alone.

Our Wanze is the ausf C variant with the driver on the left of the rocket tubes – the ausf B had the opposite arrangement. Of course, we’ll soon be converting this to the regular Borgward vehicle that saw extensive use with the German military…


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