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New: Bolt Action AS.51 Horsa Mk I/II

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This great kit from the chaps at Sarissa Precision is perfect for games of Bolt Action where it can provide a real focal point for a battle, and of course intimidation of your opponent as your troops arrive in style!


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The Horsa is perhaps the best known glider of WWII. Able to transport more than 25 troops or a large amount of essential equipment and supplies in its large fuselage. It took part in the main airborne landings of WWII but its name is particularly connected to the two most famous missions: the landing in Normandy on the 6th June 1944 and the attack on Arnhem Bridge in Operation Market Garden.


Measuring in at 37cm (14&1/2″) long and with a wing span of nearly 50cm (19&1/2″). 1/56 scale…ish, it breaks down into several components so can be modeled crashed, as an objective or just as scenery for your battlefield.

The Horsa is a beautiful piece that no Air Landing Platoon should be without! Sarissa have cleverly made use of card and MDF and modified the dimensions to fit perfectly on your battlefields – rather than an exactly scaled model this is a perfect gaming piece!


In Bolt Action:

Rules for gliders have appeared already in Operation Sea Lion supplement (page 90) and we’re really excited for something to come early in 2018 – but for now try your gliders with these stats and get gaming!

Cost: 25 pts (Regular)
Weapons: None
Damage value: 6
Transport: Up to 28men (or jeep & gun/jeep & trailer) plus 2 pilots

Horsa Glider:

Containing: One Horsa Glider from Sarissa Precision

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Horsa Glider Group (3 Pack) :

Containing: 3 Horsa Glider from Sarissa Precision

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Experimental and optional rules are always fun, try these out as soon as your gliders land:

  • After drawing an order die the glider player places it on the table with Advance uppermost to indicate the chosen landing site and the direction in which the glider will land and rolls a D6. The glider lands on a 2+ but it lands on the following turn if a 1 is rolled.
  • The glider is destroyed if it runs into a solid structure such as a building, wall, anti-glider obstacle or vehicle. In general the glider uses the normal transport rules as in the Bolt Action 2nd Edition rulebook
  • The pilot becomes an infantrymen equipped with an SMG after the glider has landed. His cost is included in the cost of the glider and after landing he has the same troop quality and morale as the rest of the squad being transported, of which he is a part.
  • Gliders are not affected by anti-aircraft guns as the rules cover only the final landing approach where they are too low and inconspicuous to be attacked


Whats more Sarissa have produce a great PDF of the decals you’d need for this glider – Download your copy for FREE here:

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Sarissa have even put together a fantastic guid on building your Horsa – with added battle damage! Grab your instruction FREE here:

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More Options!

What if you want to go full on Airlanding Divisions we hear you cry?! Well look no further than these lovely bundles:

Single glider plus Airborne plastic platoon:

Containing: 1 Horsa Glider from Sarissa Precision plus 1 box of Plastic Airborne (that’s 30 men!).

409911102 British Airborne Landing Platoon with Horsa Glider

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Single glider plus Recce Jeep with trailer:

Containing: 1 Horsa Glider from Sarissa Precision plus a recce jeep with trailer, Bolt Action stat card, waterslide transfers and flame markers…

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The Airborne Division:

Packed with everything you need to take on the might of Germany this awesome set works particularly well alongside Pegasus Bridge or the Ham & Jam collectors sets and comes with FREE Drop containers and a special miniature of a Para with Dennis On!

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