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New: Modelling and Painting World War II German Military Figures

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Author: Michael M. Farnworth
Publisher: The Crowood Press Ltd (9 Jan. 2019)
Number of Pages: 176

This book is an essential reference for wargamers and modellers who build and paint World War II German military figures. It provides extensive information on uniforms and equipment, describing what was used, when and by whom, as well as tutorials depicting the many camouflage patterns and how to paint them.

The step-by-step building and painting guides in this book illustrate figures in scales from 1/150 to 1/32, which equates to wargame figures sizes from 10mm to 54mm. There are painting recipes featured for twenty- five uniforms covering the main branches of the Wehrmacht.

These are: Afrika Korps; Fallschirmjager (parachutists); Feldgendarmerie (military police); Gebirgsjager (mountain troops); Heer (army); Panzer (tank crews); Waffen SS and U-boat crew. Preparation and assembly of white metal and plastic figures is covered in detail, and tutorials include techniques for building a wargames army quickly.

Biographical Note

Michael Farnworth is a painter and modeller who has written many painting guides for small wargame companies. He is also a production engineer and has worked on military apparel and backpacks. This book brings together his love of history with the methodology of an engineer to explain techniques in easy-to-understand steps.

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