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Frontline Report: La Fleur de France

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We love getting the opportunity to showcase your models. This week, to tie in with the Battle of France, we’re showing off Greg’s 1000 point early-war French.

La Fleur de France

Greg’s French force is part of his ongoing project to refight the Battle of France in Bolt Action, complete with a gorgeous terrain setup representing a provincial French town.

Here’s the whole force in all its glory:

Greg's Battle of France force on parade in front of the local chapel.

Greg’s force on parade in front of the local chapel.

While the most common way of building an army in Bolt Action is to use the generic reinforced platoon selector in the main rulebook, Greg has chosen to use one of the period-specific force selectors in the Armies of France and the Allies supplement to recreate a French unit during the Battle of France.

Greg’s Senegalese Tirailleurs

Greg’s Army

Unit Type: Unit Name: Upgrades: Total Cost:
HQ 1st Lieutenant (Regular) N/A 75pts
HQ Captain (Regular) N/A 110pts
Infantry Infantry Section (Regular) 6x additional riflemen, light machine gun 130pts
Infantry Infantry Section (Regular) 6x additional riflemen, light machine gun 130pts
Infantry Senegalese Tirailleurs (Regular) 7x additional riflemen, light machine gun, VB launcher 172pts
Infantry Infantry Section (Inexperienced) 5x additional riflemen, light machine gun 90pts
Infantry Medium Machine Gun Team (Regular) N/A 50pts
Infantry Medium Mortar Team N/A 50pts
Vehicle AMC Schneider P16 N/A 92pts
Vehicle Somua S35 N/A 108pts
Vehicle General Purpose Truck N/A 31pts
Total Points Cost: 1002pts

The real highlights of the army for us were the excellent Somua S35 tank and Schneider P16 armoured car which are the perfect centrepieces for this magnificent army.

Join the Fight!

Looking to start your own French army and stop the German blitzkrieg in its tracks? Our 1000pt French Army deal gives you a very similar army to Greg’s, complete with some additional anti-tank support.

View in Store

Greg submitted this fantastic force to – if you want us to take a look at your collection, this is the best place to submit your pictures.

It can be as little as a picture of your whole force laid out on a white background with the army list attached in the e-mail. Make sure the pictures are of a good size and quality.

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