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Korea: Bell 47 Sioux Helicopter

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Prior to the Korean War, choppers were rarely used in combat. The Bell 47 Sioux Helicopter adds a new dimension to games of Bolt Action.

Sioux Ba


The Bell 47 (designated H-13 by the military) had a two-seat cockpit enclosed by a distinctive plastic bubble. It became the first successful commercial helicopter beginning in the early 1950s. However, it is its use in the Korean war (and a supporting role in M*A*SH) that cemented its legacy.


Bell 47 in flight

Originally serving in a light utility and observation role, the H-13 was converted to a flying ambulance. It ferried wounded troops to Mobile Army Surgical hospitals located miles from the front. Named the Sioux by the US Army, the H-13 could carry a pilot and two passengers in its bubble cockpit. However, the Army fitted stretchers on both sides of the cockpit (outside!) atop the landing skids so a pilot could more efficiently carry wounded. A small blessing for these wounded were small plastic bubbles fitted at the fronts of the stretchers to protect the men’s heads.


Although uncomfortable for the wounded, it did mean effective treatment was closer and more viable. The alternative was first aid at the battlefield and a long, bumpy ride to a field hospital. The major drawbacks of the Bell H-13s were their limited carrying capacity and that they weren’t especially quick. However, in the latter stages of the Korean war, the fronts didn’t change dramatically, enabling the M*A*S*H units to deploy closer to the front, therefore easing the length of the MedEvac journey.


In Bolt Action Korea

Sarissa Precision has created this MDF Bell 47 Sioux, ideal for use as part of a US force. And yes, the blades do spin!

Sarissa Bell 47

Contains one MDF model, unassembled and unpainted

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In Bolt Action Korea, US forces are able to call upon the aid of helicopters each turn. The Sarissa model is ideal for portraying the use of MedEvac helicopters, bolstering the medics in your platoon.


MASH Bundle

We’ve also put together a MASH bundle, allowing you to create a full field hospital:

MASH bundle

Models supplied unassembled and unpainted 


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This bundle nets you a free Miltary Policeman on Harley Davidson model.


Get started with Bolt Action: Korea


Your starting point for re-enacting the ferocious battles of the Korean war is the Bolt Action: Korea book. It is crammed with history, army lists and scenarios.

Inside the book, you’ll find a comprehensive history of the conflict with details of every major battle fought between the two sides. It also includes details of the various forces and their organisation, commanders, and equipment. Scenarios are provided for many of the battles, along with comprehensive force selectors to help you assemble your force.


Bolt Action KoreaBolt Action Korea Sample


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