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New: Konflikt ’47 heavy Italian infantry Preview Pack

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Get your hands on the new heavy Italian infantry (that will be appearing in the upcoming Konflikt ’47 supplement ‘Defiance’) early with this special preview pack!

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The Centurion Heavy Infantry (left)

Germany has been willing to enhance the Fascist National Republican Army (Esercito Nazionale Repubblicano or ENR) best infantry units with their rift-tech derived heavy armour. Once the German mentors assess the ENR unit as both reliable and effective, they may be issued heavy armour for a single company in the battalion. The amount of armour available is not yet sufficient to equip whole units, but it gives the ENR a heavy assault force for countering or blunting Allied attacks.

Bersaglieri Armoured Infantry Section (right)

With a largely infantry based force, the use of rift-tech designed heavy armour is a logical development for Italy. Selecting the British Galahad suits as a base, the Italians have looked to their elite Bersaglieri units to provide armoured spearhead troops for their mechanised and close assault operations.

Available to Pre-order 25 May 2018…