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Konflikt ’47 Awesome Gallery + Summary!

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With Konflikt ’47 only being 7 months old, we thought we’d show you guys some of the incredible stuff you’ve been creating and a preview of the ridiculously cool content that’s going to come out later this year!


Anthony Evans - FacebookCheck out this T34/ZP Platoon, truly an stunning sight! And a terrifying one for the opponent! By Anthony Evans.

Ben Moorhouse - Facebook

Slammer Samuel painted up to his glory! By Ben Moorhouse.

Big_Eye - Forum

The tesla coil almost looks like it’s glowing! By Big_Eye from the Forum!

Jos Banderas

Shambling towards the enemy, whilst they are terrifying they make the perfect target! By José Banderas

Jrgen Horn‎ - Facebook - Copy

Such a brilliant white camouflage by Jürgen Horn – we hope to have more from Jürgen soon!

Martin 45 - Forum

Sounding off their new hunt, Martin 45 has truly captured the schreckwulfen

Martin Sharpe - Facebook

The dark tone truly lets the tesla coil light up even more! By Martin Sharpe!

mminghella71 - Forum

Like a giant walker with a massive gun in the center wasn’t scary enough! Let’s add a shark face on top of that! By Mminhella71 from the forum!

Sirius - Forum

Such an interesting scheme, and what great turret additions! By Sirius!

Travh20's - Forum

Can’t go wrong with the standard, crisp as ever! By Travh20s.

Something escaped…

Aitch from Clockwork Goblin left his amazingly muddy truck unattended and now his ‘occupants’ have … escaped…

What’s coming up next?

Those of you who went to Salute might have seen a few, but here’s a quick snippet!







Don’t forget that later this year we’re also releasing the first Konflikt ’47 supplement to introduce some of these bad boys officially into the game!

Interested? Get started here!

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