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New: Japanese Shibito squad

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Watch the expression of horror creeping onto your enemies faces as the new Japanese Shibito squad rise up to continue the fight!

Shibito Squad

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The Shibito Squads were relentless on the battlefields of 1947, immune to fear and programmed to fight until they collapse. US and Commonwealth troops found themselves under constant pressure in the remote battlefields of the Pacific Theatre. Without the need for food, water or even ammunition, the reanimated soldiers (note – not Zombies!) could range far behind enemy lines, sowing terror wherever they appear.

Carrying simple weapons, immune to pain and often bearing the faces of former comrades, the Shibito Squads are now spearheading the Imperial Japanese Army’s advances against the Allies across the Pacific Islands.

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Shibito Horde

In Konflikt’47 you’re allowed to expand your corpse unit to 24! so this bundle gives you 2 boxes to bring you up to 20 to start with…. ggrrrrr

Watch as your opponent is helpless against your Shibito horde!

This bundle contains:

  • 2 Japanese Shibito squads (20 Zom Re-animated Corpses)

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Japanese Reinforcements!

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