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New: Italian Falco Paratroopers

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Armed with Axis Rift tech, the new Italian Falco Paratroopers aim to take control over Italy for the National Republican Army (ENR).

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The flamboyant and well-trained paratroopers of the Italian army largely sided with the National Republican Army (ENR) when they were forced to choose a side in the Italian campaign. Whilst some units retained their traditional parachute role, the core of the force was retrained and equipped with the German-designed Rift-tech Falcon armour.

Equipped with the proven Italian Berretta Model 38/44 SMG and the highly effective German MG42 LMG, a squad of Falco paracadutisti can lay down a torrent of fire at both close and longer ranges. Against the threat of enemy armour, members of the squad will often carry the disposable German Panzerfaust, an ideal weapon for highly mobile forces to hunt armoured targets.

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Konflikt ’47: Defiance

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