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Incoming! Tank War at Wayland Games

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Like World of Tanks?

Like toy soldiers and model tanks?

Then join us for TANK WAR at the Wayland Games Centre in Essex!

This is a one day event on Sunday 9th November that gives new and existing Bolt Action fans a real taste of the new expansion – Tank War!


As tread-heads for many years but new players to Bolt Action, we can’t wait for this event! We’ve learnt the basics of the Bolt Action system and are impressed with the smooth mechanics of using infantry (close combat is absolute carnage!) and are finding that the vehicle rules are just as easy to pick up! So it’s about time we all put the mice and gamepads down and start playing World of Tanks for real!

The Tank War event will give you all of the skills required to collect, paint and play games with your model tanks and the day is laid out in a logical format to do just that!

- You will be given a random tank to build, paint, battle with and keep afterwards (either a Russian T-34, German Panther or Allied Sherman – no requests!) 

- You will be taught the secret art of tank assembly by the master crafter Templarscrusade01 (check out his channel at


– You will be taught some fast and furious painting techniques to get your tanks looking fresh from the factory or grizzled and battle worn – it’s up to you!

– You will learn the fundaments of controlling your vehicle on the battlefield with none other than the creator of Tank War – Alessio Cavatore!

– You will then round up the day by playing World of Tanks for real on an awesome battlefield where team work and individual acts of insane bravery will carry you through to victory!

Hell, we’ll even throw in a hot dog for you…

So grab your ticket here and unleash Armoured Fury!

Dan, Daren and Scott

Wayland Games Centre


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