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HQ Event: Presenting the 1st Tabletopbattle Warlords 2017!

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Warlord Games and Tabletopbattle welcome you to the “Tabletopbattle Warlords 2017 event”

Saturday February 11th sees the first Tabletopbattle annual Bolt Action tournament take place at Warlord Games HQ Nottingham UK event hall. 10am – 5pm


Our great friends from Norway, Damon and Svein from Tabbletopbattle, have been organising a fantastic event based around the Battle Of The Bulge (released in your friendly local gaming stores Saturday the 11th).

30 players have booked to compete for the right to call themselves the TTB Warlord of 2017!

In addition to the tournament there will be vendors on site that will hold demos and likely give nice discounts to any visitors.

Among the vendors will be Northstar Military Figures, Andy Bryant’s Small Terrain Scenery (known from the upcoming Miniature Wargaming the Movie), Sammy Scenics, Mad Bob Miniatures and more.

Tabletopbattles Warlords 2017 Pedion C

There will also be demos held from the newly released Battle of the Bulge book, played on a beautiful battlefield especially provided and made by Pedion Terrain (Pedion is also offering a nice discount to any visitors – come and see the TTB chaps upstairs for info.). Plus Sarissa Precision will be here showing their upcoming Boromite Antares Terrain on their new battlefield Intro table.

Warlord Games will of course have their new store open where you can grab some great deals as well, complementing your other acquisitions at the event.


The Tabletopbattle team will be present all day of course – it’s free to look so why not come say hi 🙂

TTB Damon at event

The doors open at 10 AM – Welcome to a day of Warlords!

Warlord Games
The Howitt Building
Lenton Business Centre
Lenton Boulevard
United Kingdom

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