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Warlord Gmaes USA

Greetings and Salutations!

My name is Jon Russell and I have the envious task of being the Warlord Games North American Event Commander. What is an Event Commander? I thought you would never ask! I am the point man for contacting, supporting and reporting on as many conventions in North America as I possibly can!

JWR at WGC 2016

Jon at Warlord Games Con 2016

What this means is I read through emails, websites, trade magazines, listen to my Super Secret Squirrel network, put out advertisements and post items to our website ( managed by the one and only Jeff Hunt! Thanx Jeff!) By doing all of these things we can see where and when my team and I can focus our talents and bring to your area as much of the Warlord Games experience as we can.

This brief announcement is to let you know where we will be for the first six months or so of 2017. Some are farther out but we know we are going to be there so this will help set your calendar for 2017. If you know of an event not listed here and you would like us to attend send all the details at least 45 days in advance to my email address:

We will log your information into our database and dispatch one of our representatives if at all possible. If we just can’t get to your event we will make every effort to send a nice box full of Warlord Games Swag to pass out to your attendees/players.

I hear you saying enough chatter Jon get to the list! Okay here ya go!


Convention Date Location Website
Ghengiscon 16-19 Feb Denver, CO.
Pensacon 17-18 Feb Pensacola, FL.
Coastcon 40 3-5 Mar Biloxi, MS.
Twistercon 10-11 Mar Oklahoma City, OK.
Adepticon 23-26 Mar Schaumburg, IL
Huzzah! 2017 19-21 May South Portland, ME
Lubbock-Con 27-28 May Lubbock, TX.
WarlordGamesCon 27-29 May Oklahoma City, OK.
Nashcon 2-4 June Nashville, TN.
Bayou Wars 9 – 11 Jun New Orleans. LA.
Texicon 12-14 Jun Hurst, TX.
Origins 14-18 Jun Columbus, OH.
Historicon 13-16 July Fredericksburg, VA.
ManeuversCon 11-12 August Tulsa, OK.
NOVA OPEN 31 Aug to 3 Sep Crystal City, VA.
Hubcon 8 – 10 Sep Hattiesburg, MS.
Millenniumcon 9-12 Nov Round Rock, TX.

Other Possible Events

GENCON 17-20 Aug Indianapolis, IN.


Bolt Action Las Vegas OPEN 3-5 Feb Las Vegas, NV.

Can’t make it to ANY (really?) of the events listed above but still want to play our AWESOME Games in your area? Well, Warlord Games is here to solve this dilemma! Sign up on our website ( to locate an opponent near you!

In fact go to our website: and sign up to receive our biweekly newsletter so you will NEVER miss a new release, convention or tournament update ever again!

So mark your calendars, paint your miniatures and get ready to see us out on the convention/tournament trail!
Jon W. Russell

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