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Hobby: Painting and reviewing the Paratroopers!

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Carl Titterington from the Brit the Yank & the Hobby podcast brings a brilliant review and painting guide for the U.S. paratroopers!


Carl: With the news that Warlord Games were releasing a plastic U.S. Airborne set, I couldn’t help but get my hands on a box. In my younger years, I had been involved with a re-enactment group, which portrayed Easy Company, 506th P.I.R., 101st Airborne.

The group are called ‘The Screaming Eagles’ and their website is well worth a look. Having learnt so much during my time re-enacting I was very eager to get a look at these new figures.
Very kindly, a package arrived on my doorstep not long after my birthday it was from Warlord and to my pleasure inside was a box of the new plastic U.S. Airborne figures. My initial reaction upon looking at the box was that Warlord had clearly done their homework on these.

The artwork, the history and figures themselves fitted the period that they were aimed at. The figures are beautifully sculpted and went together with minimum fuss. The equipment fits wonderfully and is very accurate.


One question that I am often asked is whether the metal Screaming Eagles figures could be used for Holland. My answer had always been no but now I am pleased that I can answer “no, but the plastics are perfect for Holland”.

Having been quite busy finishing off my Indian force for Operation Sand Dune and working, I decided I would build a squad of six figures and get those painted for this article.


With regards to painting these figures, there are many images on the Internet, which could help you choose your colours. Although I am no expert painter, the colours I would use are as follows:

Decals also come with the box set, flags should be on the right shoulder with unit patches on the left shoulder. If you plan on using rank decals remember, the lowest rank in the airborne was Private First Class, which was signified by one chevron. Ultimately, these are fantastic figures that are fun and enjoyable.


By having two more six-man squads on top of the one squad I already created I can create a command team, bazooka team (using the bazooka from the U.S. Infantry box) and the MMG team. It would also be possible to convert these figures into late war infantry using the webbing from the infantry set.

I did decide for future squads that I would do some ‘conversions’ and add a Grease Gun from the U.S. infantry set, as these were common by September of 1944. I also plan to build an MMG team from this set and a mortar team stealing the mortar from the U.S. army mortar pack.


I plan to use these for an Operation Market Garden force and then mix in some of the U.S. winter figures to create a Bastogne force. I’d like to thank Warlord for these figures and recommend them to anyone as worth having on their Christmas list.

To see more of my forces check out my YouTube channel where I have videos on the forces, terrain for the desert, live chats and many other project videos and reviews. Check out my channel at the link below or search YouTube for T’s Creative Ramblings.

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