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Andy Singleton of Volley Fire Painting Services recently had an invite to Warlord HQ for beer & pizza but of course we didn’t want him to go away empty handed. So, with a frame of the new Ghar, we set him to task and sat back to await Ghar loveliness.

Ghar Satge fancy

Andy: I was lucky enough to visit Warlord Games recently, and got to play in a large game (At Rick Priestley’s house!), with 2 Concord Forces against 2 Algoryn armies. As part of the visit we got to view the new models that are coming for the Ghar, and I was instantly inspired to start my next force for Beyond the Gates of Antares.

Here’s a quick guide to how I painted my Ghar battlesuits. I decided I wanted a paint job I could do quickly and simply with an airbrush, and still remain striking. The first 5 stages I’ve sprayed, however you could probably replicate them with careful dry brushing if you don’t have an airbrush.

1. Build the figure completely, and prime black.
2. Spray Vallejo 868 dark sea green allowing some of the black to remain visible in the darkest recesses
3. Airbrush or dry brush the model with 870 medium sea grey, allowing the paint to be near the edges and centres of panels, but not completely obscuring the preceding stage.
4. I then spray Vallejo 986 deck tan on all the edges and raised points of the models armoured suits.
5. Wash of 862 black grey. I like to mix this with a little Pledge Multi-surface wax, as this helps it to flow. You could also use Dark tone ink from the army painter, however I wanted to key the colours in by using more grey tones.
6. Dab with blister packing material dipped in 822 camo black brown
7. Paint highlights and edges of chips 986 deck tan
8. Paint white anywhere you want to have a light source
9. Paint orange or green paint mixed with gloss varnish on top of your light sources
10. Paint white again into the centre of the light source
11.Add goo, gunk and grime to taste, and base for flavour.

The most time consuming part of the process is waiting for the inks and washes to dry between layers, other than that I found it a really quick process!

Ghar P1150986

There’s so much exciting stuff coming for Beyond the Gates of Antares at the moment that I’m torn between expanding my Ghar, working up my Freeborn with lots of conversions and mutations, or expanding my Concord, and I also want to build up a tables worth of terrain themed around a Concord world in the grip of winter… I think the only solution is to do all of them and alternate between them with the help of some strong coffee and late nights!

Ghar P1150999


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