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Hobby: Making an Indian Division!

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Carl Titterington reveals his latest project – the 4th Indian Infantry Division with reinforcements!
Carl: If you have read any of my previous articles or any of the Operation Sand Dune articles you will know that my most recent project has been an Indian force for the desert campaign in North Africa. I’m pleased to announce that I have finally finished that force, the 4th Indian Infantry Division, including a handful of reinforcements.

The seemingly endless task of assembling and painting figures has come to the wonderful conclusion where I now have a complete force. The bulk of the army was constructed using Warlord’s Late War British plastic figures with Indian heads and a few spare figures from the Perry’s Desert Rats box set.

Having completed the bulk of the army I decided I needed to add a couple of additional elements to make it more rounded and complete. I decided to purchase the BEF 2 Pounder Anti Tank Gun and with a couple of head swaps I had an Indian Anti Tank Gun for the desert.

I also couldn’t resist adding the iconic Bren Carrier to my force. Again, I decided to add some Indian heads too from Warlords’ fantastic plastic kit. However, being a typical gamer I couldn’t stop at just one so I decided to buy one for my British Desert Rats force too.

The Indian Bren Carrier was painted in a desert camouflage and the British Bren Carrier was painted with a more European camouflage scheme. Both were weathered to fit in with the story of my other vehicles, which had just been supplied to the Western Desert Force but hadn’t have enough time to be painted in desert colours.

My final set of reinforcements, were a pair of tanks. My plan had always been to create a force with options to be played as an early war force and a mid/late war force, I decided I needed to get a Matilda II tank for my early war Indian force.

I had previously painted a Crusader tank for the mid/late war British force and a Vickers Light Tank for my early war British force. To round off my Indian force I also purchased a Valentine tank for my mid/late war force.

Although this ultimately leads to the end of my project: Operation Sand Dune, I do plan to build a DAK force, which I have already made a start on in the way of a Panzer III and a PAK 38 gun.

An Italian force is also in the plans but these will probably not be done until mid way through 2017 as I have a few other projects I need to get finished before I can get some new toys.

I have thoroughly enjoyed working on this project with Andy Singleton and Sam Phillips. I would highly recommend to anyone wanting to build a force that finding someone who has a similar passion is a great way to go about a project.

Andy has been a great friend, offering me advice and encouragement along the way. Hopefully, it will not be long before my Indians are taking on his DAK. So from everyone involved in Operation Sand Dune, we wish you a Happy New Year.

To see more of my forces check out my YouTube channel where I have videos on the forces, terrain for the desert, live chats and many other project videos and reviews. Check out my channel at the link below or search YouTube for T’s Creative Ramblings.


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