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Hobby: Blitzkrieg Germans from the workbench of Andy Singleton

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Forum member ‘VolleyFireAndy’ has been hard at work preparing a rather tasty-looking Blitzkrieg German force – so, without further ado, let’s dive-in and take a look!

VolleyFireAndy Blitzkrieg Squad

From the outset of the Second World War, German troops had access to more advanced equipment than their Allied adversaries. With the likes of the standard issue Kar98k rifle, with support from MP38 SMGs, and MG34 LMGs – they could output a much higher rate of fire than their Allied counterparts.

VolleyFireAndy Blitzkrieg Squad 2

VolleyFireAndy Blitzkrieg Squad 4

To back-up the infantry, and provide some much-needed anti-tank firepower, a Pak 36 is a must for Early War Germans – and the simple addition of a little additional foliage to the gun shield adds a touch of realism and camouflage that should keep the gun in the game a little longer!

VolleyFireAndy Pak36

VolleFireAndy Pak36 2

The Panzer IV was the only German tank to earn the distinction of fighting from the beginning to the end of World War II. The Ausf D variant was the first real production model – with over 200 being built between 1939 and 1941.

Remaining in service until 1944, the Pz.Kfw IV ausf D featured new front hull plate design (harking back to the design of the Ausf A variant) to accommodate the return of the hull-mounted machine gun and a new external gun mantlet.

VolleyFireAndy Panzer IV D

VolleyFireAndy Panzer IV D 2

In need of more inspiration? Why not take a look at the ‘Show us yours!’ section of the Warlord Games Forum to see what others are working on… there are some fantastic projects being documented, and who knows… we might just show-off some of your work in the future!

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