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Here there be Monsters: Terrors of the Deep

Superstition made real on the ever-dangerous Black Seas...

Here there be Monsters: Terrors of the Deep
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Sailors have swapped stories of the horrors that inhabit the seas for centuries, creating legends of monsters that come up from the murky depths to drag whole ships down to Davy Jones’ Locker and ghostly ships of the damned that accurse all who see them. Sailors are nothing if not superstitious (and rightly so – have you seen these minis!) and many believed these creatures roamed the oceans in the Age of Sail. If all players agree, these terrors may be included in your games of Black Seas.

Terrors of the Deep always move, at their fastest possible speed, towards the closest vessel, regardless of which fleet it belongs to, and do so before any ships have moved in a turn. In games that include these vicious monsters, positioning is even more important than in standard games!

Each of the creatures comes armed with its own characterful set of rules and behaviours, each providing a unique challenge to deal with in the thick of combat.

Giant Narwhal

A large whale-like creature with a huge tusk growing from its forehead.


A colossal piscine beast that dwarfs even the largest of other sea creatures, the Leviathan haunts the dreams of many a seaman.


A huge prehistoric shark. The Megalodon is one of most powerful predators to hunt the seas.


An immense squid-like creature with unfathomably long tentacles capable of enveloping ships and hauling them below the surface…

Sea Serpent

Long, snake-like monsters; legend has it Sea Serpents are a form of aquatic dragon.

White Whale

White whales are huge, ill-tempered creatures liable to attack ships on sight.

Bermuda Triangle

Though it is possible to incorporate the Terrors of the Deep into any Black Seas game, a special scenario is included within the box that focusses on two fleets skirmishing perilously close to the legendarily feared area. The presence of these fleets attracts the attention of such creatures that have sprung from the nightmares of even the hardiest of sailors.

Fleets compete for victory points by damaging or destroying their opponents whilst contending with the randomly appearing monsters that surge up from the ocean depths.

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Along with the six high-quality resin miniatures, game cards and a full-colour rules booklet are included. In addition to the full rules for each of the Terrors of the Deep you’ll find rules for a Ghost Ship that inspires terror in all who look upon it. Though there isn’t a specific miniature for this, a Ghost Ship provides a unique conversion opportunity for the spare vessel on your hobby table.

The creatures are packed with character and present interesting and unique painting options – so that you can really put your own stamp on the table. No two need look alike – who says the legendary White Whale needs to be white!?

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