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New: Guy Lizard Command Vehicle

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Lead an armoured convoy across the rugged deserts in North African with the new Guy Lizard Command Vehicle.

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A radio-equipped armoured car based on a Guy Lizard 4 x 4 chassis, these operated as command vehicles in armoured divisions in 1940. A Lizard was also used as a command vehicle by the 7th Armoured in North Africa in 1941.

Completely impervious to small arms fire, the Guy Lizard Command vehicle is ideal as a mini mobile fortress to protect your important headquarters assets. Additionally, it can also lead a Tank Platoon with its command rule!

Cost: 60pts (inexperienced), 75pts (Regular)
Weapons: None
Damage value: 7+ (Armoured Car)
Transport: Up to 3 men.
Special Rules: – Command Vehicle
Found in: Bolt Action Campaign: Sea Lion – Page 52

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