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New: German Heer Begleit Stug riders (Winter)

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Prepare for an intense battle with the German Heer Begleit Stug riders! Protecting their Stug as it advances on your enemies…

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As Stugs lacked a turret they could prove very vulnerable to enemy tank-hunting squads, so at Kursk, they were assigned Begleit (‘bodyguard’) infantry to ride on their rear decks.

The Begleit would disembark to clean out enemy infantry positions and keep tank hunters at bay, leaving the Stugs free to concentrate their fire on more valuable targets.

These 5 metal models have had a lot of detail and thought added to them & will fit on most German armoured vehicles, really helping you theme your force for those wintery battlefields.

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German Stug riders on StuG III G (Winter)

But of course, you will be wanting the ideal platform for them to ride into battle on – the Stug III Ausf G (can also be modelled as the StuH-42) possibly one of our favourite armoured vehicles in the game of Bolt Action!

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This quick and easy choice will give you a Stug G / StuH-42 and Begleit Stug riders.

Bundle contains:

  • 5 German Heer Begleit Stug riders (Winter)
  • 1 Stug III Ausf G / StuH-42 (plastic set)

German Stug Assault (Winter)

One not enough? Want a great starting gift or expansion to an existing force? Then the Assault set is a perfect way to achieve your needs…

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A small task force (Kampfgruppe), the schwimmwagen scouts ahead as the hunting Stug’s move forwards, safe with their riders close to hand. Designed to defend and relocate quickly, this is a perfect supplementary force for any German army.

Bundle contains:

  • 10 German Heer Begleit Stug riders (Winter)
  • 2 Stug III Ausf G / StuH-42 (plastic)
  • 10 German Grenadiers in Winter Clothing (to represent your riders dismounted)
  • 1 Schwimmwagen with driver

Expand your German army!

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