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Gallery: Bolt Action Boche.

Warlord painter Andres Amian Fernandez has once again come up with the goods – this time on a load of our Bolt Action Germans. Marvel at Andres’ handiwork below.

Adding fire support to your early and mid-war German army is the 5cm granatwerfer 36. Originally conceived to deal with enemy that were out of range of hand-thrown grenades, this man portable mortar.  As the war progressed and heavier armament was introduced this weapon was phased out of front line service and relegated to garrison and second line duties by 1942. Nevertheless, the 5cm granatwerfer 36 is a valuable addition to German army forces fighting in Poland. France, the Low Countries and the Eastern Front.

Add this useful support weapon to your army here.

Following our acquisition of BEF Miniatures we’ve remastered and rereleased pretty much all of the vehicles as part of that range as well as adding more into the bargain! So, now we’ve been turning our attention to adding to each of the German, Waffen-SS, BEF and Belgian armies as well as our existing early war French and Polish ranges.

As you’ll see here, we’ve released new LMG and mortar teams – plus these splendid new early war Panzer crew. Attired in their trademark large black beret and black uniform they are unmistakenly the armoured crews of the Third Reich! Utilising our figure head system you can choose which head to attach and position as you like, making each of your vehicles look unique – your early and mid war panzers and armoured cars will look even more impressive.

You can get your hands on the new panzer crew here.

More for the early/mid war forces of Nazi germany – the extremely effective MG34 in it’s role as a light machine gun on bipod. This pair of two-man MG34 teams add plenty of punch to your German army squads. Again, these models have our Figure Heads so plenty of scope to mix and match to your own taste.

You can add suppressive firepower to your army with these lovely LMG teams here.

It would be rude of us to ignore the later years of the war, wouldn’t it? Andres has now sent us this painted ‘Howling Cow’ rocket launcher. Officially known as the Schweres Wurfgerats 41, the Howling Cow can pound the enemy with salvo after salvo of heavy rockets. That will teach the enemy to defy the Führer’s will…

You can add this devastating weapon to your army here.

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