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Frontline Report: Warlord Games @ Salute 2019

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With everyone still recovering from our manic weekend at Salute 2019, we bring you some of the highlights…

It was a fantastic opportunity to meet our community and show off some upcoming releases!

Black Seas, Cruel Powder!

Our big reveal for this year was a new project from Cruel Seas co-designer and Warlord staff member Gabrio Tolentino – Black Seas!
The game puts players at the helm of a fleet of Napoleonic fighting ships, recreating the exploits of Horatio Hornblower and ‘Lucky’ Jack Aubrey during the golden age of the man o’ war!

The game will release later on in the year with a range of plastic 1:700 miniatures and a two-player starter set. In the meantime, we’ve got an FAQ from Gabrio for your perusal.

“Corporal, deform the men!”

Some of the hawk-eyed amongst you might have noticed some new Bolt Action miniatures in our display cabinet. We’ve got a Korean War expansion due out later this year, complete with a new range of Chinese and North Korean soldiers, along with new vehicles and equipment for the United Nations forces.

Those of you of a certain age may recognise some of the faces in our brand new field hospital set!

Beyond the Gates of Antares

Salute is an opportunity to meet enthusiastic fans of our games systems – this year, we were blown away by the amount of support you’ve shown for Antares. Our demo team played games with lots of you, and we’re glad you’re still as excited as we are about our flagship science-fiction product. Keep your eyes peeled for more new releases later on!

Blood Red Skies

Warlorder Tom (of the newsletter and social media fame) standing by for some Blood Red Skies!

Lots of you stopped by our stand for a game of Blood Red Skies. We’re all thrilled that you’re enjoying the game as much as we are. It was a real pleasure to show people the ropes and give them a chance to show off their dogfighting skills!

In terms of new releases, we’ve got plenty planned to keep you aerial enthusiasts ticking over – we’re soaring over Mig Alley with some F-86 Sabres and Mig-15s, complete with new rules for jet aircraft that will be part of a brand new supplement later on this year!

We’re in the process of launching another wave of aircraft and card expansion packs, following the very successful release of the RAF and Luftwaffe waves over the past few months.

Blood Red Skies Shiden Kai Art

Cruel Seas

John Stallard was here, of course, waving the flag for all of the Warlord game systems with perhaps a little bias towards Cruel Seas 🙂

With F-lighters, Sible ferries R-boats, Corvettes and more to come this is one range that’s obviously exploding with you guys in the community!

Cruel Seas R-Boot


The OnTableTop Interviews

So if you couldn’t make it to this great event, we hope this has given you a brief insight into what’s coming later this year – pop in and see us at one of the many events around the world that we attend… you might even get more insights from the team 😉

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